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Pieces of Grit

Feb 6, 2019

You may have heard and seen Chrissy on social media, or her podcast, or her newest ecourse. We are going beyond all of that and looking at her marriage in honor of February and the month of love.

We’re shedding a little light on the man at her side. Every couple has a unique story and a path that looks like no other. 

It’s fun to see the way relationships mature and how the more superficial qualities that attract you in the beginning morph into deeper characteristics that become the foundation of friendship and longevity.

The benefits of long-term committed relationships are sometimes the small things. All the ways you can be yourself and allow someone to know all the things.  I mean, ALL the things.  

When you find your person, put the work in to make it last. Chrissy shares how her nine years have confirmed that Sam is for sure her person.

The reality is we all have quirks that annoy the people closest to us and Chrissy dishes on those little things that are the peas under the mattress in relationships. And in the long run, do all the little things even matter?

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