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Pieces of Grit

Apr 17, 2019

We take our bodies for granted and assume they will work for us without giving them the care and attention they need.  You have a life, you have goals, you have people depending on you and unless you are at your best, you can’t offer your best.

Although each person’s nutrition needs are unique, there are underlying beliefs many of us carry that prevent us from reaching goals and living our best version of life.  

Tara goes beyond the surface issues and provides insight into behaviors and patterns that sabotage our endeavors.

After her mom died at 36 years old from heart disease, Tara began taking her own health seriously.  With a science background, she used her curiosity to help herself and others change their health and their relationship with food.

A diagnosis is not a life sentence. Be proactive instead reactive. Just because you are pre-disposed to something doesn’t mean you can’t take control and implement practices to improve and stave off certain things.

When you’re dealing with food, cravings, and nutrition changes, keep in mind there are two components to consider: biology and psychology. Consider how food makes your body feel and what happens to your mind and emotions. Don’t worry so much about the latest fads; pay attention to the specific problems you are trying to solve. Tie your current rate of success to your behavior and take it back to the root issue. Maybe you just haven’t found the right plan yet.

Give yourself space and time to listen to your body.


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“True change comes from consistency over time.”

“Recognizing how food makes you feel gives you a lot of power.”

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