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Pieces of Grit

Jun 26, 2019

We know companies and organizations have values, but how do we as individuals identify, cultivate and live out core values. Let’s start with a definition…

What are core values?

  • A Guide: help you navigate life, making decisions that align with who you are deep down
  • A Gauge: measure success. At the end of life, what will you be proud of
  • A Code of Conduct: driving your daily life in all areas

How to discover your core values

  • Consider your proudest moments - what was happening and how were you feeling?
  • The reverse approach is to think of what is most frustrating to you. The things that impact you to the core are strong indicators of what you value.
  • What do you want people to see in your life?
    • When you reflect back at the end of your time, beyond the achievements, what do you hope people remember about you?
  • There are numerous lists of words to help you choose your core values. Try doing it without a list first. Try this LIST to get started.
  • Narrow it down to 5-7 values. If you get stuck, start comparing values and eliminate them as necessary. 

Healthy living through recognizing and adhering to values

  • When we are living according to our values, we find fulfillment.
  • Core values inspire you to be the best version of yourself and contribute to the world - that’s your family, your office, your church, your community
  • Help you get unstuck - in relationships, work, family

How to increase alignment with your core values

  • Read books
  • Integrate daily practices like the rhythm guide from Uncover Your Purpose
  • Set goals (short and long term)
  • Make your goals specific to your values

Wrap Up

  • Core values can change over time - different seasons of life, personal growth
  • Identifying and owning your values will put you in your zone 
  • Everything you need to be awesome in this life - being a parent, a healthy partner in a relationship or friendship, an entrepreneur or boss - is already inside you. With some effort and commitment you can keep digging deeper to uncover all the potential inside you.


How to Create a Life Purpose Statement

  • 60 Core values to start with
  • Rhythm - choose your top 5-7 and assign each one to a day of the week to focus on

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