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Pieces of Grit

Sep 18, 2019

You can’t get through a day without being reminded of the challenges in our country and our communities regarding multi-cultural shifts and challenges. You have a responsibility to understand the people in your life and respect them. 

We are the product of our upbringing, but paradigms can change. It’s time to develop an attitude of learning in order to better cohabit with the people you work with, live near, and by whose lives your own can be enriched.

With a first hand perspective of multi-cultural issues, Oneya is involved from a faith perspective in helping leaders and churches come together in a way that is understanding of different backgrounds, yet with a goal to unite people the way God intended. 

Oneya wrote a book to help you increase your awareness of issues and how to approach conversations and instigate change. It’s great for you alone or to use within a group.

Not sure how you measure up in your ethnic sensitivity? Check out this bias test from Harvard.

You’ll come away with greater insight, helpful questions to ask yourself, and language to start conversations with those around you.

Book Recommendations

I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown

Intersectionality by Patricia Hill Collins

Patricia has written a lot of books, but I’m particularly obsessed with this one as I’m also currently studying the concept of intersectionality in the workplace as part of my MBA.