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Pieces of Grit

Oct 21, 2020 is where you can find blogs and resources to challenge yourself to learn more about who you are and how to take the next steps down whatever path you are on.

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Jory Micah
Jory completed an AA in Practical Theology, a BS in Church Ministries and an MA in Biblical Studies with an emphasis on Christian Doctrine and Church History.

She wrote her master’s thesis on female leadership in the first and second centuries of the Christian Church, using the Bible as her primary source. She is a sold-out follower of Christ and has made it her mission to tell others about His amazing, non-judgmental love, as well as His radical counter-cultural empowerment of women & girls (Read my master’s thesis here).

She is a traveling speaker & minister as well as a female pastor & writer. She advises & supports women and men of all different ages online via skype or phone on all things life & online platform building (email her if you are interested in setting up an appointment). Explore her website for more details on my speaking & my Christian advice and support business.

Find Jory on social media. She is @jorymicah across all platforms.

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