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Pieces of Grit

Dec 9, 2020

Carl Lentz isn't the first megachurch pastor to wear skinny jeans, tight button down shirts, or cheat on his spouse. So where is this problem coming from and how do we as both leaders and church members change what is happening?

There is also a definite double standard toward female church leaders and females in any visibly position.

Our conversation was instigated by an article written by Katelyn Beaty, which you can find HERE.

Also, here is the book Katelyn wrote, A Woman's Place.

Mikala @mikalanicole
Rachel @rachelthestewart

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Rachel Stewart is a marketing consultant at Copper Hive Consulting. Mikala is a realtor with Redfin in San Diego. Each have more than ten years of experience in church leadership and are passionate about supporting women in ministry.