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Pieces of Grit

Sep 4, 2019

I am thrilled to have my first repeat guest be one of my best friends, Mikala JVR! I don’t even both trying to say her last name and since she uses the abbreviation, I will, too. Mikala lives here in San Diego so we were able to meet up in person and record in the same room, which is also a first for me. Huge shoutout to my buddy, Norm, who allowed us to use his recording studio and let me feel like I’m a legit podcaster, plus give me the best sound quality I’ve ever had.

Today we are having a casual chat about the enneagram, including how we like to type other people (the worst use of the enneagram) and things we hate about certain numbers (also one of the worst ways to integrate the enneagram into your life). This episode is much less structured than most of my conversations - Mikala and I did ZERO prep, aside from agreeing on the topic. It’s fun to change things up every once in a while and come at this from a different angle.

If you are new to the enneagram, some of what we say might not make complete sense right away, so head back to this Enneagram Intro episode to understand what we are talking about. You can also check out some of the resources listed below.

What happens to a Type 1 when someone answers the phone in the middle of church? On the front row???

Why won’t Type 8’s consider anyone else’s feelings or the impact an action might have?

Riddle: How do you get a Type 9 to make a decision? (that’s a joke - they won’t)

I could go on, but you should listen and hear the rest of the numbers that annoy us the most. It’s kind of fun to get a little raw and let the conversation fly.


Mikala’s First Episode - How to Have 26 Jobs by the Time You’re 26

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