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Pieces of Grit

Jul 18, 2021

There are lists for everything in life. Come hang out for this banter session and the pros, cons, and oddities of all the ways we use lists.

Jun 8, 2020

You'll find very few notes. It's short, just listen!

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Mar 18, 2020

I first learned that a period coach was even a thing just a year ago. I spent so many years of my life believing that symptoms I had around pms and my period were just a fact of life. When I discovered that all the horrible things we are told are normal (cramps, nausea, headaches) do not have to be part of our lives,...

Feb 19, 2020

These two women are leading and empowering other women to be themselves. It is true that we lead differently than men. It doesn’t mean it’s better - it’s just different.

Maria is a somatic coach (and she was on Episode 6) and Louise has a diverse background, including time as a high school principal and public...