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Pieces of Grit

Jan 16, 2019


How long have you been where you are and doing what you do?

What do you currently believe about your limitations?

Without realizing it, we can create boundaries around our lives that have nothing to do with our potential, but everything to do with our mindset.

Running has become so much more than a hobby in my life. It opened my mind and heart to show me that I am capable of way more than I sometimes think.  Running challenges me to constantly assess what’s going on in and around me and the strength I derive from all aspects of running leaks into every other area of my life.  I have so much more optimism toward obstacles at every stage of my life now.

Here are 5 ways to challenge your own growth mindset:

1. Believe that more is possible

a. You might not be a resolution setter, but you can never go wrong setting goals periodically
b. Shut off your devices and give your brain space and time to dream

2. Be intentional

a. What areas of your life are stagnant or have potential?
b. What are you good at? Following strengths is a good place to start
c. Spend time praying/meditating

3. Rethink your relationship with failure

a. Who defines failure for you?

4. Get curious

a. Be self-directed
b. Be open to various methods of achieving your goals

5. Be inspired by others

a. You should be most competitive against yourself and simply let others’ success inspire you to keep working harder
b. We can learn so much from each other 
c. Help other people achieve their goals along the way

No matter what you’ve already done or haven’t done in your life, I believe you have more inside you just waiting to get out.

I’ve run 3 marathons, plenty more half marathons, and am toying with the idea of an ultra marathon.  I have to get healthy first, but I know I have potential and I will never find my limits unless I push the boundaries of what I currently know.

Practice developing a growth mindset. You don’t have to change the world, simply take one small step and challenge yourself to go bigger than you ever have before.