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Pieces of Grit

Nov 13, 2019

Melisa is one of the rare people who was born and raised in San Diego. She started in HR and eventually realized that was not the path for her. Venturing in the world of an entrepreneur, she has learned from her experience and evolved into what she is today.

You can find a lot more details on Melisa’s backstory by checking out the tons of other podcasts she has been featured on. Visit her website below for those links.

Creativity is such an interesting thing. 

Maybe because I’ve been judged through so much of my life and not allowed to see my own productivity as creative I really enjoyed connecting with Melisa who has a similar wiring. Entrepreneurs MUST have creativity and Melisa has used her left-brained creativity to create a thriving business and a badass networking group called Network for A**holes, now in multiple cities.

The choice to become an entrepreneur is not the right one for everyone. Catch some great advice on determining if solo-preneurship is for you.

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