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Pieces of Grit

Dec 26, 2019

Annie Weiss ran the Badwater 135 race this year. Running that race sounds like the hardest thing anyone would willingly choose to do. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run a step in your life. Relationships, careers, parenting, and trauma all push us to our limits at one point or another.

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You find yourself dreaming about the future and all its possibilities. Or maybe you are living in the moment and can’t figure out how to stay in touch with the big picture. It’s a tension most of us live in, pulling us side to side. 

If you’re not dying, why stop? It sounds extreme, but it’s true. Whether you’re following a plan or following a whim, go hard.

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Annie’s advice on setting intentions:

  • Reflect on the past
  • Think ahead
  • Keep your goals broad (allow for some wiggle room)

Favorite Quotes by Annie:

“All my mistakes put me where I am today.”

“We have to set goals knowing our why.”

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