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Pieces of Grit

Mar 18, 2020

I first learned that a period coach was even a thing just a year ago. I spent so many years of my life believing that symptoms I had around pms and my period were just a fact of life. When I discovered that all the horrible things we are told are normal (cramps, nausea, headaches) do not have to be part of our lives, my mind was blown.

I met Courtney and was an instant fan. She’s had a fun and adventurous life, has worked at Whole Foods (which is what I’m going to do in my next life), and is now committed to helping women achieve their best level of health.

Some of the topics today:

  • 4 stages of a woman’s cycle
  • Sex & your cycle
  • Misconceptions about periods and pms
  • Stigmas we have grown up with
  • The role of blood sugar on your hormones
  • Caffeine’s impact on women
  • Setting boundaries
  • Speaking your mind

Courtney is offering a free 30-min consultation for listeners of this podcast

You can connect with her at the following

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