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Pieces of Grit

Apr 1, 2020

As a first-generation high school graduate and college student, Kenyetta navigated many barriers in order to have a chance at life outside of socioeconomic disadvantage. Growing up in poverty, she didn't know what an entrepreneur was, but she knew there were people and families who were able to escape the oppression of poverty by owning businesses. From the local grocers, banks, dollar stores, and restaurants, she drew her life’s inspiration.  Never thinking she would become a business owner, she simply knew she wanted to help others.

Ambition Evolve was born as a dream to help women everywhere pivot in life and move on to bigger and better opportunities. Kenyetta combines her corporate and leadership experience with her background in psychology to help people overcome mental barriers and other internal aspects holding them back from unleashing who they are.

This millennial will challenge you to rethink what you are currently doing and dream a little bigger.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can influence those around you at any age. Kenyetta shares her tips and tricks on making an impact in every environment.

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