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Pieces of Grit

Apr 21, 2020

However you find yourself leading through this season, Jenni offers great insight into up-leveling your game. 

Here are a few of the tips she offered for self-assessment and motivation:

  • Crisis can lull us out of complacency
  • Crisis can make both your strengths and weaknesses more obvious
  • Always keep tweaking
  • Essential staff, duties, and responsibilities will rise to the surface
  • Practice flexibility and resilience
  • Name your current reality
  • Finding a new normal (Nothing is actually normal)

Ways to navigate through crisis with a team:

  • Find a rhythm of communication, support and connection
  • Focus on being more intentional about visibility
  • Be sensitive to each individual’s dynamics
  • Be flexible

Contact Jenni

IG: @jennicatron


Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat by Bruce Daisley

Just Lead by Jenni Catron