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Pieces of Grit

Aug 12, 2020

We should have many more women working in construction - the multi-tasking, the creativity, the customer service. GC Stephanie Sharp is changing the face of the construction industry. As an architect, realtor, and General Contractor, she serves high end clients in Utah building custom homes.

She shares why this is a viable career option for women and how it compares to other trade industries.

Stephanie is setting the bar for women to find their place in the construction industry. As an architect and General Contractor she lives in a male dominated world, but knows the balance her perspective and approach brings to each project.

In the ever-changing landscape of the job market for young adults she advocates for trades as a viable alternative to a traditional four-year degree. It’s important that women understand all the options available to them as they finish high school and try to determine their next steps.

It hasn’t been easy for Stephanie, with serious medical issues throughout her life and pursuing multiple careers that intertwine to give her an edge as a professional woman.

Follow her and watch as she continues to change the space for women entering construction.

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