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Pieces of Grit

Jan 13, 2021

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One of the most popular episodes, here is my conversation with Lana Kairos.

Everyone has pieces of their true self they hide or dismiss. But what if getting to know your core identity was the key to unleashing your potential? This is the first step to being a better version of you.

All you need to experience success is already inside you. It just takes work and often a little guidance to bring that out. 

Lana challenges us to identify our core values in the process of achieving our potential.  Success is unique to each person and as we embrace our inner selves, success may mean something different than we originally thought.

Feelings ARE reality. At least where you are in the moment. Allow yourself to feel the good and the bad, then use those emotions to trace back to the beliefs associated with them.  Once you identify the beliefs, you can choose to keep or replace them.  This is where the benefits of authenticity have a chance to redirect your path.

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