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Pieces of Grit

Feb 10, 2021

As women we work hard not to compare ourselves to each other. We know we shouldn't and that it's unhealthy, but it's always easier said than done. 

Mikala has taken a break from social media and I (Rachel) am more obsessed than ever! Careers, parenting, relationships, faith, mental health and much more are all impacted by what we see on the grid.

What would it look like if we STOPPED playing the comparison game and learned to live as ourselves???

Relationship goals are tough because two people with very different everythings are working to make a life together. Relationship challenges are as unique as snowflakes. The nuances are impossible to list, so stop aspiring to be something you saw on the Hallmark Channel or Disney+.

No matter what kind of relationship you are in, you are the boss of you and get to decide what your life looks like.

Word of the Year
We also talk about our words for the year and how they are coming to life already, just a few weeks into the new year.

We would love to hear your word of the year and how that's going for you so far.

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